Robotics Data provides a series of different overviews of the robotics market within particular industries. These reports will give you insights into the major players within a particular market, as well as key insights from the Robotics Data team on where the market is heading. If you need to know which robotics companies and players are within a particular industry segment, your first stop should be a Robotics Data report.

See our latest reports below:

Counter-Drone Report Cover

NEW! Counter-Drone Systems (C-UAS): Stopping Drones from Doing Harm

10-page report highlights latest tech to stop drones.


Robotics Data Disinfection Robots Report Cover

Disinfection Robots: Sanitizing the World, One Room at a Time…

Details on more than 60 companies offering UVC-based disinfection robots.


Marine Robotics Report Cover

Marine Robotics: Under the Sea, But On it As Well

Our 21-page report explores the marine robotics and maritime robotics market.


Free Reports

Report cover Ground RoundUp

Ground Round(up): Tracking the UGV Market: This free report gives you an overview of the autonomous and semi-autonomous ground vehicle market. We cover the military, commercial and research applications in this growing field in outdoor robotics.


Additional reports coming soon:

  • Industrial robot arms and cobots
  • Retail robotics
  • Supply chain / logistics / warehouse mobile robots

In addition to regular reports, Robotics Data staff are also available for custom-created content. Just tell us the market that you’re interested in learning more about and we’ll create a customized report that lists all of the companies worldwide within that market. Drop us a note and we’ll provide more details.