Robotics Data provides a series of different overviews of the robotics market within particular industries. These reports will give you insights into the major players within a particular market, as well as key insights from the Robotics Data team on where the market is heading. If you need to know which robotics companies and players are within a particular industry segment, your first stop should be a Robotics Data report.

See below for our latest reports:

Robotics Data Disinfection Robots Report Cover

NEW! Disinfection Robots: Sanitizing the World, One Room at a Time…: In this exclusive report, Robotics Data has compiled details on more than 60 different companies offering UVC-based disinfection robots. Many of these robots are semi-autonomous (can be controlled remotely) or fully autonomous. We believe it is the most comprehensive listing of UVC Disinfection Robots to date, and can be used as a tool to help you discover the different types of robots and systems that are available worldwide.

Marine Robotics: Under the Sea, But On it As Well: This comprehensive, 21-page report explores the marine robotics and maritime robotics market. We cover the companies developing unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), as well as military and naval projects related to semi-autonomous and autonomous robotics.

Marine Robotics Report Cover


Report cover Ground RoundUp

Ground Round(up): Tracking the UGV Market: This free report gives you an overview of the autonomous and semi-autonomous ground vehicle market. We cover the military, commercial and research applications in this growing field in outdoor robotics.


Additional reports coming soon:

  • Retail robotics
  • Supply chain / logistics / warehouse mobile robots
  • Counter-drone (anti-UAV) systems

In addition to regular reports, Robotics Data staff are also available for custom-created content. Just tell us the market that you’re interested in learning more about and we’ll create a customized report that lists all of the companies worldwide within that market. Drop us a note and we’ll provide more details.