Marine Robotics: Under the Sea, But On it As Well


A comprehensive look at the marine robotics and maritime robotics market. Robots are being used on the water and under it as well.

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With the Earth’s population nearing 8 billion people, the next phase of our civilization’s success critically depends on the wise use of technology and infrastructure to help protect all of the planet’s resources. This includes our oceans, which covers most of the planet’s surface. Robots are being used to survey, map, and research the oceans and their depths, going to places where humans cannot. In addition, they are protecting humans by being used in the military to perform tasks that are dangerous, such as anti-mine countermeasures and other protection duties.

In this 21-page report from Robotics Data, we are highlighting the major companies and groups offering unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), and major naval and military projects around these semi-autonomous and autonomous robotics systems. We have used our vast database of robotics companies and our own research to prepare this report, which we feel is the most comprehensive look at companies within this space.