Hello, Robot World!

Photo by form PxHere

Greetings from Robotics Data! This is the first official blog post discussing our new venture, why we’re doing it, and what we hope to accomplish.

Our goal is to help companies seeking to market or partner in the robotics manufacturing industry. We have a unique mix of different professional roles with expertise as editors, consultants, reporters, and industry analysts all wrapped up into two guys who have spent decades researching and reporting on robots, drones, computers, consumer technology, and more.

Here’s what Robotics Data is NOT:

  • We’re not a robotics media site. There are plenty of places you can go to look for robotics news, whether it’s a B2B site like The Robot Report and Robotics Business Review, or a more general technology site covering robotics like Techcrunch. HOWEVER, since both Tom and I have written extensively on the robotics industry, and have backgrounds in technology journalism, we plan to write posts that discuss the robotics industry, and add our unique insights.
  • We’re also not a research firm. We’re not one of those big consultancies – at the moment, it’s Tom and me. That said, we do have a TON of robotics data (hence the name), based on an extensive database of robotics companies across several vertical markets. This information, our experience and knowledge of the industry is what we will use to generate our insights for readers and clients.

Basically, we’re a mix of different cool things. Reporters, writers, editors, consultants, experts, analysts, etc., all mixed up into two guys who love talking robots, drones, technology and other cool stuff.

There are more exciting things to come, so stick around and be sure to contact us if you have any questions, would like to consult with us on a particular robotics market, or if you just want to say hello.