Author: Keith Shaw

In Ongoing Pandemic, Disinfection Robots Become Even More Important

With surging cases of the delta variant of the COVID-19 coronavirus, countries continue to battle this virus in a race against time. With new masking requirements and potential lockdowns popping up around the world, the feeling that this would all be over once enough people were vaccinated is slipping away. Companies are delaying their return-to-the-office […]

Robot Reports on Vertical Markets

Here at Robotics Data, we are dedicated on bringing you the latest overviews and analysis on different markets and the impact that robots will have in that particular market. We are proud to announce that our first report is ready to go, a FREE DOWNLOAD that provides an overview of the unmanned ground vehicle market […]

Hello, Robot World!

Greetings from Robotics Data! This is the first official blog post discussing our new venture, why we’re doing it, and what we hope to accomplish. Our goal is to help companies seeking to market or partner in the robotics manufacturing industry. We have a unique mix of different professional roles with expertise as editors, consultants, […]